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Do millennials love jewellery?

Sociologists, political scientists and other theoreticians around the world try to understand the characteristics of the millennial generation: what do they care for, what are their aspirations and desires?

The jewellery industry also keeps an eye on them and has come up with some interesting facts.

“The younger generations don’t hold diamonds in the same esteem as their predecessors — they’re looking for something different from what their friends have. With the baby boomers it was all about keeping up with the Joneses. For the millennials, it’s about having something different and more personal — and coloured gemstones give more variety” observes a Graff specialist quoted by businessoffashion.com.


De Beers published a report last year in which they identified three 'trends' in how the millennial generation approach jewellery.


"It takes a long time to become young" - Pablo Picasso


Millenial trends


These are the main motivations when choosing a new piece of jewellery, be it an engagement ring, a friendship bracelet, a locket pendant that encloses a message or personalized engraved pieces. Love is manifested not only for other human beings but also for nature, making them favor brands like Marina Mura that work with natural materials which are responsibly sourced and ethical.


A drive to express one's individuality in a non ostentatious way, without resorting to old status-symbols. New visual approaches to classical designs, unconventional gemstones, coloured stones instead of diamonds and a preference towards hand crafted jewellery by independent designers over mass market production are what define the desires of the millennial generation.


The rise of digital media and especially social media challenges old style jewellery retailers to stand up to the high standard of millennials. Connection, sharing, instant feedback and the disappearance of geographical barriers are a staple of the new generation. More jewellery is bought online and instantly shared, reviewed, commented and 'liked' over social networks.

How would a millennial's jewellery be described in a few words?

Fresh and vibrant - designs.

Versatile – jewellery that transforms (colour change gemstones, high-tech materials)

Unconventional – brown and black diamonds and an avid exploration of the endless diversity of coloured stones.

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