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Caring for your stones

Gemstones are beautiful, enduring marvel creations of Mother Nature.

What can we do to make the most of their presence in our lives?

They are literally searched and scooped from earth, sometimes in extreme conditions. Just a century ago humans could find precious stones simply lying along river beds, among pebbles washed by season's waters. Or they could dig some feet deep into the ground, in wells or galleries spotted along gem rich areas. Their sweat and hard labour brought to light tiny bits of treasure and then old craftsmen mounted them in precious gold or silver.

Those days are gone and most of the gem sources on Earth became scarce or need high-end technology to be reached and brought to light.

This is why, when you own a little marvel stone, you should treasure it and know how to take care of it.

Diamonds, of course, are the VIP's of the jewellery market today. But coloured stones have so much more to offer. All the nature's colours, all the reflections and strange lights that come somehow from within, look so remarkable when we observe them mounted on a ring or necklace or another piece that we wear at work, when celebrating a life event or when we caress a loved one.

In exchange for the beauty they bring next to us, we have to protect and take care of them.

So how should we care for our little treasures?

First, do save them from hard work wear and tear. For a gracious moonstone, a swim in the pool or in the sea is straining. Pearls and coral and opal are affected by perfume and cosmetics and even by your perspiration. Emeralds are sensitive to shocks and some other stones are sensitive to prolonged direct sunlight. Even diamonds can be broken when they are hit.

Save them as much as possible from extreme environmental contacts and, after wearing, treat them as you would for your on skin. Clean with mild soap and dry, pamper  and protect them.

Thake care not to throw different stones together in a pile, carelessly. Every one of them has a different hardness and the harder ones may scratch the others soon.

When you think a much thorough clean is needed, go to a trusted jewellery shop for an ultrasonic or a vapour cleaning procedure that can be done. However, the jeweller should be aware that not all gemstones can be cleaned this way.

Our advice? The safest way to clean and bring back to life any gem is by soft brushing with a warm, mild soap solution and then thoroughly clean and dry up.

Wouldn't you do the same with your own skin?


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